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Still one of the coolest adverts for a tv series I’ve ever seen.


This is THE COOLEST ad I’ve ever seen

Ad? Ummm. Do you think a freaking fire extinguisher is an advertisement for fires?!?!? The emergency demon holy water is a serious safety precaution for serious situations and should be taken seriously.

I’m picturing Sam ramming Crowley’s head through the glass





University Study on Sexism in Doctor Who

"Fun fact, Rose’s Bechdal test score would have been in the 80′s were it not for the episodes Moffat wrote during her run."

Guys, really, you should click the link. 

Ironically, the woman who is often propped up as proof that Steven Moffat is, in fact, not a sexist was one of the worst in terms of the Bechdel test and overall independence of thought and character. While maintaining an average speaking time, the episodes she is in only pass the Bechdel Test 57% of the time, and she herself only passes 42% of the time. She also never passes it on her own after Series 5. It is also important to note that River’s “passes” barely scraped by this test. Her passing conversations were always around three or four lines of exchange total, limited to one per episode, and were always in the presence of/with the Doctor.”

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